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01:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Insurance Cost Crisis
General Session
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    Jimmy Whitehair
    Speaker Jimmy Whitehair Principal Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio
    Will Denbo
    Speaker Will Denbo Managing Partner Commercial Insurance Associates View Bio

    02:00 PM – 02:30 PM

    Tire Tips to Help Keep Your Fleet Rolling
    General Session
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    At Goodyear, we aim to save fleets time and money through our Total Mobility solutions. This session will cover three important topics within this framework to give fleets ideas on how they may be able to lower their tire costs. We will explain the components of Running an Efficient Tire Program, share Tire Management Technologies for a variety of fleet sizes, and highlight the value of Premium Retreading while debunking common myths.  

    Jamie  Redmond
    Speaker Jamie Redmond Customer Engagement Specialist Goodyear View Bio
    Austin Crayne
    Speaker Austin Crayne Business Development Lead, Services & Solutions Goodyear View Bio
    Dustin Lancy
    Speaker Dustin Lancy Product Marketing Manager Goodyear View Bio

    02:30 PM – 03:00 PM

    How CDE & Posillico Materials are transforming waste into valuable construction materials
    General Session
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    This session will present a panel discussion between Technical Experts from CDE and Posillico Materials’ Wash Plant Manager who will discuss how advanced wet processing technology enabled Posillico Materials to recycle contaminated soils and transform them into saleable, in-specification construction materials to meet the local market requirements and how the recycling process is helping to accelerate the pace of change to address concerns over ground pollution and landfill capacity, reinforcing Posillico’s commitment to establish a more sustainable future for Long Island.
    Darren  Eastwood
    Speaker Darren Eastwood Business Development Director CDE View Bio
    Joseph  Teahl
    Speaker Joseph Teahl Business Development Manager CDE View Bio
    Robert   Tassey
    Speaker Robert Tassey Wash Plant Manager Posillico Materials View Bio